Prices include access to the spa and VAT.
Access to the spa is included according to the number of nights spent by the guests

Tourism tax: HUF 500/person/night (over 18 years)

Prices are in HUF

New wooden houses A/1-A/12:

Pre and post-season

Peak season


For 2 people

15.000 Ft/night

22.000 Ft/night

For 3 people

20.000 Ft/night

25.000 Ft/night

For 4 people

24.000 Ft/night

30.000 Ft/night

For 5 people

27.000 Ft/night

34.000 Ft/night

For 6 people

32.000 Ft/night

38.000 Ft/night

Children's accomodation (3-6 years)

3.000 Ft/night

3.000 Ft/night


1.500 Ft/night   

1.500 Ft/night

Lunch or dinner

2.000 Ft/person/night

2.000 Ft/person/night

Supplementary bed (in addition to the existing capacity)

3.500 Ft/person/night

3.500 Ft/person/night

Extra fee of accomodation without using bed

2.500 Ft/person/night

2.500 Ft/person/night

1 night surcharge


1.500 Ft/night




Reduced admission fee to the spa on the day of leaving

1.400 Ft/person

1.400 Ft/person


  • Child discount: Accommodation free for children of aged 0 to 3 years. For c
  • Referral discount: Guests using the Health Insurance funded treatments may obtain other discounts. Please ask for more information at the reception desk.
  • Regular guest discount: Our regular guests can collect the points for the nights spent here, and the points can be redeemed for discount later. The regular guest discount is applicable per wooden house and night.


Rooms and bungalows can be occupied from 2 pm.

On the day of leaving, please vacate the rooms and bungalows until 10 a.m., otherwise we may charge a surcharge of HUF 1000 for each fraction of hour.

DISCOUNTS CANNOT BE CONSOLIDATED. We accept bankcards, holiday vouchers and SZÉP cards.



Bath and Therapy Center

strand2strand1The Bath and Therapy Center lies on an area of roughly 8ha, and some of its outdoor pools operate during the winter, too. From 1 May to 30 September, it operates with full capacity. A total number of nine different pools are available for relief during hot days. There is something for all age groups here, as we do not offer only pools with medicinal water, but expect also children, families, swimmers, people who learn to swim and seek special adventures.