Hotel Gallery


Exterior photos of hotel


  • kls kpek03
  • kls kpek06
  • kls kpek07
  • kls kpek08
  • kls kpek09
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Premium rooms


  • prmium szoba_1_1 msolata
  • prmium szoba_1_2 msolata
  • prmium szoba_1_3 msolata
  • prmium szoba_2_1 msolata
  • prmium szoba_2_2 msolata
  • prmium szoba_2_3 msolata




 Attic rooms


  • ikerszoba kisebbik szobja
  • ikerszoba nagyobbik szobja_1
  • ikerszoba nagyobbik szobja_2
  • klngyas szoba a tettrben
  • tettri folyos
  • tettri frd
  • tettri hromgyas_1
  • tettri hromgyas_2
  • tettri hromgyas_3



Normal 2-bed rooms


  • normk ktgyas_1
  • norml ktgyas_2



Normal 3-bed rooms


  • norml hromgyas_1
  • norml hromgyas_2
  • norml hromgyas_3
  • norml hromgyas_frd



4-bed rooms


  • ngygyas_1
  • ngygyas_2
  • ngygyas_3
  • ngygyas_frd_1
  • ngygyas_frd_2


Bath and Therapy Center

strand2strand1The Bath and Therapy Center lies on an area of roughly 8ha, and some of its outdoor pools operate during the winter, too. From 1 May to 30 September, it operates with full capacity. A total number of nine different pools are available for relief during hot days. There is something for all age groups here, as we do not offer only pools with medicinal water, but expect also children, families, swimmers, people who learn to swim and seek special adventures.