Wooden houses - presentation

This is a new chapter in the history of camping. The 12 aesthetical wooden houses were made by Transylvanian builders. They are an ideal place of accommodation for smaller and bigger families and suitable for four or six people.

* 2 double bedrooms
* Dressing
* Shower bathroom
* Kitchen
* Living room with dining corner and extensible couch

The furniture of the wooden houses is from the same building material and each piece is made from natural hardwood or pine. The interior design of the houses follows various themes. They were inspired by Hungarian folklore elements and natural beauties. The houses evoke rose gardens or lavender fields, but Kalocsa or Heves folk motifs are also present. Reflecting our commitment to tolerance, we arranged two wooden houses for people with motor disabilities. Decorations and furniture in these rooms are made by their fellows and display the portraits of some of their role models, which are designed to be inspirational for disabled people and to raise awareness among the healthy ones.

Equipment in the wooden house kitchens:
* two-plate electric oven
* fridge with deep-freeze unit
* microwave oven
* electric water heater
* utensils, Teflon pan, plates, flatware
* water glass, small glass, coffee glass
* bread cutter, slicer, wooden spoon
* cutting board, filter, four-side grater
* meat picker, can opener, cork-screw, soup ladle


Bath and Therapy Center

strand2strand1The Bath and Therapy Center lies on an area of roughly 8ha, and some of its outdoor pools operate during the winter, too. From 1 May to 30 September, it operates with full capacity. A total number of nine different pools are available for relief during hot days. There is something for all age groups here, as we do not offer only pools with medicinal water, but expect also children, families, swimmers, people who learn to swim and seek special adventures.