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About us

Cserkeszőlő where healing is relaxing…

The hotel and camping place directly connected with the Cserkeszőlő spa offers friendly and homely services, while the Cserkeszőlő Spa and Bath with the Therapy Center provides full services to guests seeking therapy, relaxation and recreation

Our accommodation places are located at 150 km from Budapest, in a green resort area halfway between Kecskemét and Békéscsaba, easily accessible from main road 44.
This is the only hotel in Cserkeszőlő, which has direct access to the spa through a closed corridor. This makes it an ideal winter or summer resort for anyone seeking access to the bath and therapy services.

The bath offers entertainment, sports and therapy opportunities for all age groups.
Images with the slides and pools.

We will help you use the social security funded treatments either you are hosted in the hotel or in the camping place.

During the pre-season and post-season periods, special therapy packages are offered to our guests seeking healing.


Bath and Therapy Center

strand2strand1The Bath and Therapy Center lies on an area of roughly 8ha, and some of its outdoor pools operate during the winter, too. From 1 May to 30 September, it operates with full capacity. A total number of nine different pools are available for relief during hot days. There is something for all age groups here, as we do not offer only pools with medicinal water, but expect also children, families, swimmers, people who learn to swim and seek special adventures.